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Birthday Parties & Special Events

 Kiddies Kaleidoscope  can create a children's  birthday party package based on our classes customized to fit all your needs and/or budget starting from providing you a single class activity to you having to worry about nothing but the food!! We also provide customized children's activities for corporate events, country clubs, parent's night out, etc. 


We offer a party package in which each child participates in a 1 hour science activity using child-friendly science tools with a take home project. Children use our lab coats and safety goggles for the activity, transforming each child into a true scientist!   

$360  for up to 13 guests ($15 each additional child)



Choose from one of the following 1 hour activity options or we can customize a specific activity based on your child’s area of interest: Options are endless and each party is truly unique and different.

(Ex: A “super-hero” scientist where we add capes to the lab coats, or adding "fairy wings" to lab coats.)



1. Insects/Animals

Children excavate an insect replica out of an ice block using salt and water with a dropper which they will then use to create a fossil in clay!

* “Exploration Station” display sensory table as children arrive to explore different insects can be added as an add on*


2. Slime 

Polymers will be explored. Children will make their very own slime to take home. 


3. Elephant’s Toothpaste 

Each child will conduct an eruption with our elephant’s toothpaste experiment! Children will learn about chemical reactions.


4. Instant Snow

Children will learn about polar animal habitats and make “instant snow” which they can take home. They can mold snow balls or make a snowman that won’t melt using shaving cream!

*Children can visit an “Exploration Station” display table as they arrive to explore polar animals as an add on.



5. Lava Lamps

 Children will learn about density and how substances do not mix. They will be mesmerized by the “fizzing lava lamps”  illuminated in the dark which they each make and take home!


6. Dino Dig (open area required) 

An open area will have a tarp placed with “kiddie” pools set up filled with sand and dinosaur bones for the Paleontologists to dig for “dino” bones using shovels and magnifying glasses. From their “discoveries” they will make a dinosaur fossil to take home!

An “Exploration Station” display table can be added as guests arrive featuring various dinosaurs and their habitats.





-Individual lab coats for each child guest to take home $60 (based on 15 children -- $4 each additional lab coat)

-Science theme Photo Booth  $50

-Exploartion/Sensory Table display $50

-Science Flask with straw for each guest $50 

-Science Drawstring bag for each child $50

-“Kiddies Trivia” on ‘who knows the birthday child best’ 

for a prize (which “Kiddies” will provide).

Goody bags




Plastic tablecloths

20 Balloons

Science “Lab” backdrop, decor and stands

Take home project for each child

***Birthday  Package Special***


1 hour for up to 15 Children — $550   "All you worry about is the food!"


Decorations, Balloons, Goody Bags, Display Table, Paper Goods, Birthday Child Trivia Game with prize and 1 Hour Activity.

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