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Welcome Gold Material Montessori!!

The Science Exploration Class


Geared for the inquisitive child!


Is your child constantly getting into things? Do they love to explore ? Then this class is for you!  Fostering curiosity, exploration and experimentation. Your child will have a blast exploring age-appropriate scientific concepts with a focus on S.T.E.A.M and performing hands-on experiments using real child-friendly science tools.

New projects/experiments for each class!


Projects such as:

  * Lava lamps

  * Frozen snowflakes that won’t melt!

  * Crystals

  * Slime  

  * Dinosaur fossils 

  * Solar system model 

        and more! 





Mosaic Storytelling and Art


Storytelling, creating and art all come together in this class.    


We believe that a lifelong passion for learning begins with reading, exploring and creating . Each week will begin with a curated storybook featuring talented children's illustrators, designers, or artists as a catalyst for inspiration.  Children will be lead through prompts inviting them to make and create their art for the day based on the literature read.


Classes include:

  * Painting  

  * Collaging  

  * Crafting 

  * Dioramas 




Kiddies Junior Robotics


Ready, Set, Code!


By entering into our “Tinker Lab", young children will be exposed to robotics in a fun, hands-on way. Children will be introduced and progress in the coding, programming, and designing of age-appropriate robots understanding the basics of algorithms while building language and math skills as we work with sequencing, estimation and problem solving -- all while having fun! 

With robotics being the wave of the future, children who understand robotics will be at an advantage, literally able to operate the world around them.



Code and Go Mouse               Botley               

Bit Bots                                      Sphero              

Cozmo                                        Cubetto              

Bee Bot                                     Dash and Dot        





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