From Ingrid Battista - Director, Kiddies Kaleidoscope:


As some of you may already know, I am a certified teacher (General & Special Education) with over 18 years experience both in and out of the classroom. I am also a parent who has experienced firsthand how "online learning" didn’t quite translate into academic learning. There was a lot of time spent this past Spring reteaching and providing supplemental instruction to both my own children as well as  students I tutor privately.  Even with that, we still didn’t get to what they normally would have covered in a “traditional” school year. This is why when I learned many schools were starting the year remotely, I grew concerned and decided to create Kiddies Learning Pods.


Our Learning Pod  is a group consisting of three to six children who are in the same grade and school district and will meet at a child’s home. Within this small group, children can learn safely and effectively with the support of a certified teacher. 


All CDC safety precautions will be implemented including but not limited to:


    * Daily temperature taking 

    * Symptom check 

    * Consistent hand washing

    * Masks worn 



An individualized schedule will be agreed upon for the Learning Pod  that best suits each family. A certified teacher will work with your child to monitor their progress, make sure they stay on track and understand their schoolwork, while helping them to fill in any academic gaps that are likely to occur with online learning. Children will not only be in small groups for learning, but they will have the added benefit of one on one individualized instruction.  


Kiddies Kaleidoscope  has the most affordable prices for learning pods. If you have any questions please feel free to email: or give us a call: 973-986-7185. If you are interested in joining a Kiddies Learning Pod,  kindly fill out the contact form below with your child's Name, grade and school district . Student placement will be reviewed with families once all information forms are processed and then you will be able to register directly through our website for monthly sessions.



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